Some day, i just bored and i wanna go vacation.
Some of my fella invited me to go to LAWU and with out think again, i just went! :P

It's so cool. . .
Do you know, what i found on PUNCAK LAWU?
There re so many awesome things on PUNCAK LAWU.
The views of course and the mountaineers . . .

The mountaineers are very kind people, they always excuse when we met on the track each others.

They are very care about saving the garbage  to the trash.
When they found plastics, garbages any things. . . they will pick up and collect it.

Oh yeaaa. . . i cached many pic's on PUNCAK LAWU,
I a little bit confused to selecting all pic's, because they re all nice pic's.
Here they re :

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